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Wealth Gap and Automation

The wealth gap between the rich and the poor is getting worse, and with the rise of AI and robotics, automation looks like it is going to replace many jobs and potentially cause social unrest around the world.

Passive Stream of Income

One of the reasons that rich people become and stay rich is that they understand and recognize the value of passive income sources. If you don’t have to work for money, or if you even just have enough money coming in from passive income sources to cover your basic needs, it gives you the ability to better plan your life for the long term and focus on what is most important to you now.

Crypto Set to Rise

What is bitcoin? Bitcoin is essentially “digital gold” and it is a store of value that is even better than gold in almost every way because there is a low cost for storage, it is easily transferred between parties, it has very high divisibility, which permits micro-transactions, and it is also not easily susceptible to counterfeiting. Global gold right now is around USD 7.5 trillion. If just 10% is replaced by bitcoin, each bitcoin would be worth USD 34,000+. And that’s just gold. If bitcoin were to replace just 10% of global currencies in circulation, around USD 80 trillion, each bitcoin would be worth USD 362,000+, more than 40 times its current value, and that’s just at 10%.

Introducing Joint Commonwealth Fund

Joint Commonwealth Fund, or JCF, is a UBI cryptocurrency index fund with a 0% management fee that holds the top ten cryptocurrencies by market capitalization and distributes gains in the form of a dividend to verified users who hold our JCF coin. This allows you to fully benefit from this growing trend without the added danger and hassle of having to buy and manage crypto assets yourself, all the while receiving a monthly UBI payment in the form of the dividend.

Index Fund Approach

We are using an index fund approach in invest in this trend because index fund performance beats 90% of actively managed funds and also because it also lets you rest secure in the fact that you don’t need to depend on the trading ability of the manager and can instead just ride the trend.

Safe and Secure

The fund is very secure; the safest way to store crypto assets is in cold storage and the fund is 100% in cold storage.

Social Mission

Our goal is bridging the wealth gap and providing a basic income to everyone who holds our coin, not making a lot of money, as shown in that we have no management fee and an exceedingly small performance fee (3% i.e. If you make $100 we make $3). If we are able to bridge the wealth gap even slightly and also provide a basic income for millions of people then we will consider our mission a success.

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